“Paul is an amazing listener and takes a holistic approach to help you understand your personal obstacles and drivers for reaching your goals. He is extremely professional but also personable. He has a wide array of experiences to draw from and does a great job of helping you attack problems from different perspectives. I highly recommend Paul if you are looking for coaching to not only improve your approach to your job and career but also your life.”        Katie Warren, President, Gabriel de Grood Bendt


“Paul was my coach for a little over a year. He has an approach that really fit my style. In fact, that is Paul’s approach. He finds a style that fits your style. He customizes his coaching to each and every individual he works with. Additionally, he does the background work necessary to really understand the person, to understand the situation, and to provide learnings that will truly enable a person to grow regardless of age, years in the business or position in the organization. You must commit to the process and agree that it is beneficial. Paul will develop a program that be effective yet not interfere with your daily responsibilities. He makes sure progress is being made and delivering the results you are looking for. The best part for me, when it was over, it wasn’t over. Paul really cares about those he works with and still checks in to see how things are going. After over 30 years in my industry, he was able to show me a new way to be effective. We had an understanding: I would allow him to do some redecorating but he wasn’t allowed to renovate the original construction/framework of what got me to where I am today. He did just that. Thanks Paul.”               Charlie Poutney, Senior Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Bellisio Foods


Paul had been my coach and advisor at SUPERVALU for several years. He provided excellent insight into career planning and had been my advocate in different situations. His knowledge of how people think and operate provided me with different ways to approach challenging situations. Paul facilitated strategy sessions with a new team which helped us develop our roadmap for the future. I highly recommend Paul as a coach and a leader”    Karla Hillier, Senior Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group



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