The Onboarding process provides acclimation support to executives who are new to an organization or new to a role within their current organization. The probability of long-term retention of the newly placed leader is increased and a faster learning curve relative to the business is established.

A number of orientation and leadership processes and tools will be used to support the executive in the acclimation process. A well-designed and effective Onboarding plan will include: 

  • Cultural analysis and understanding to support successful “early wins”.
  • Identification and creation of strong internal and external networks in support of organizational and business objectives.
  • Alignment meetings with managers and key stakeholders.
  • Development of solid team relationships and early confidence in a new leader.
  • Business partnerships with an internal executive sponsor and a peer mentor to speed organizational learning and acclimation.
  • Strengthen leadership impact through targeted coaching in alignment with new role.

A typical Onboarding process may occur over a 4 to 6 month timeframe.