At Cimmerer Consulting LLC we help you create the professional and personal changes you desire through an in-depth process of learning, exploration and intentional behavior change.

We custom design practical and creative REFLECTIONS and exercises which deepen your understanding and AWARENESS of leadership and management approaches. We use assessment tools, 360 interviews and in-depth discussions to help you build the foundational knowledge and understanding to create new ways of being a more effective leader.

With this deeper understanding and knowledge of your self, our coaching and leadership development process is designed to assist you in determining new ways of thinking about, and EXPERIMENTING with highly effective approaches to the leadership challenges you face.

Change involves experimentation and risk taking. Openness to trying new approaches, discarding those that don’t work well, and continued practice of the BEHAVIOR CHANGES that do work well, will lead you to the RESULTS you are looking for. Our goal is to help you create sustained behavior change and to be able to make your own self-corrections going forward.

Leadership Challenges You May Be Experiencing

  • How to effectively influence across and upward
  • Learning to listen and create strong executive presence
  • Creating high performing teams
  • Strengthening personal resilience and increasing emotional intelligence
  • Creating agile and flexible organizations to meet rapidly changing business conditions
  • Communicating and collaborating in a fast-paced decision making environment
  • Dealing with conflict effectively
  • Coaching and developing others for performance and success
  • Improving interpersonal relationships and empathy skills
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Delegating more effectively

These are some of the many leadership challenges we have worked on with our clients to help them achieve their leadership aspirations.

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